Mopar concepts Woodward Dream Cruise drive


Mopar has long been a one-stop shop for factory-supported performance changes and accessories on FCA products. Do you want an engine with 707 hp for your old Plymouth Belvedere? Mopar has covered you with the Hellcrate. Maybe you want a lift and off-road lights on that newly purchased Wrangler? Mopar is also suitable for those […]

September 11, 2019

Mopar Dodge Challenger celebrates 10-years of factory-backed mods


Although the current Dodge Challenger turns 11 this year, it remains a top seller for the brand. One of the reasons for its popularity is its adaptability. FCA recognizes this with the just-revealed, limited edition Mopar 2019 Dodge Challenger that celebrates its factory-supported performance parts and accessories directly from its own internal parts department. For […]

August 30, 2019

Mopar Hellephant crate engine sells out in 48 hours


This happened so quickly that we just caught up. Mopar opened pre-orders on the 7.0-liter Hellephant Hemi box engine on April 26, which is Hemi Day. According to Allpar, hubbub on social media not long after that day claimed that Mopar had been through all his Hellephant shares. When Allpar asked Fiat Chrysler for clarification, […]

May 7, 2019

Mopar show builds brand recognition


The All Mopar Show of Lansdale Auto Group revives the glory days. This year there were 500 attendees and $ 3,500 was raised. Mopar magic The annual Mopar auto show of a dealership in Pennsylvania builds brand recognition and helps to promote the sale of vehicles and service traffic. Muscle cars & winter jackets may […]

November 18, 2018